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University of New Mexico Classroom AV Project

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Digital Video Networks (DVN) recently participated in the successful installation, engineering, and programming of the extensive University of New Mexico Classroom Audio Visual Modernization Project.  The project implementation phase spanned much of 2009 and reached completion in 2010 covering over 130 high education classrooms in all.  DVN continues working with UNM in a support roll for the installed classrooms. DVN partnered with general contractor Simard Electric Services (SES) of Albuquerque, NM and sub-contractor Audio Video Resources (AVR) of Phoenix, AZ.  SES led installation of in-wall, in-ceiling equipment and electrical wiring.  AVR took the role of major assembly and equipment procurement and supply, with DVN handling field equipment design, activation, testing, Crestron programming, and all field support.

The University of New Mexico released a Request for Proposal (RFP) in early 2009 requesting proposals for a major audio visual system complete with teaching station furniture for many of its main campus classrooms.  Located in Albuquerque, NM, UNM is the largest university in the state and was in need of improving its audio visual systems within classrooms to maintain its competitiveness with other education institutions.

One of the primary goals of this upgrade was to maintain a consistent set of equipment and user experience campus-wide.  Through the use of tested designs and proven technologies, this was accomplished with equipment from Crestron Electronics, Epson America, Da-Lite Manufacturing, and highly functional teaching furniture from Euro Design Systems.   The classroom technology is approachable with a “one button” operation concept.  The instructor walks in, presses the “System Power” button and as if by magic, the projector fires up and switches to the proper input, the electric screen drops from the ceiling, and audio system is turned on.  Within in seconds the room is ready for instruction without the fuss of locating remote controls or understanding the proper settings to get the presenter’s content onto the screen.  Less time is spent fighting with technology and is instead spent instructing students.  The return on investment provided by the simplicity and reliability of the technology selected for this project is easy to see.

Further return on investment is expected over the long term through use of Crestron’s RoomView management system.  UNM is fully embracing the philosophy of preventative maintenance and monitoring to reduce service expenses and equipment downtime.  Crestron RoomView allows all rooms to be monitored via the network.  Remaining lamp life, classrooms usage/status can be monitored using RoomView.  Moreover, many time-consuming trips to distant classrooms can be eliminated with remote troubleshooting.  This can reduce wasted classroom time where instructors used to have to wait for support to travel to the room for assistance.

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