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Digital Video Networks (DVN) has completed the development of a custom wayfinding directory kiosk in the office lobby of Phoenix’s premier development CityScape. The directory selected for this installation is much more than the typical, simple list of tenants; it includes several real-time information feeds including weather forecast, news headlines, and sports highlights.

DVN was able to bring two powerful signage and directory platforms together into one for the first time. The signage platform selected is from RiseVision which has proven to be a solid software platform for digital signage and live data feeds. For the directory system, the management company, RED Development, wanted a design that went beyond the cookie cutter directories seen in many lobbies. DVN developed a custom web-based directory system to meet their needs. Collaboration between the client and DVN occurred at each step of development resulting in a unique, powerful, and intuitive wayfinding experience.

DVN’s lead designer, Carlin Skinner, was able to create an attractive graphical layout for the screen that encompassed the design standards set forth by the clients marketing guidelines. By incorporating these guidelines, the look and feel of the system remains consistent with the theming of the building and marketing materials. Carlin is accomplished in staying abreast with the cutting edge of modern graphical design thus lending to the modern, polished look of the kiosk’s user interface.

Also innovative in this installation was the custom kiosk hardware custom designed for CityScape. CityScape’s lobby features an impressive, marble countertop concierge and security station. DVN was able to model the desk in CAD and create a rapid prototype miniature in 3D for the client to allow them to visualize the concept of the kiosk installation before construction began. The kiosk’s design facilitates use by the disabled by being wheelchair-friendly and angled for ergonomics. The attractive stainless steel finish complements other architectural features within the lobby.

CityScape is a mixed-use, multi-dimensional development that has never been done before in the city of Phoenix. The project combines residential, retail, hotel, office, public park space and more into one central and cohesive project. The project encompasses two lineal blocks in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. With such an expansive area for visitors to explore and navigate, DVN’s wayfinding kiosk will help improve visitors’ experiences and perception of the property.

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